Philippine Overseas Labor Office

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) is the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) overseas operating arm in the implementation of Philippine labor policies and programs, for the protection of the rights, and promotion of the welfare and interests of Filipinos working overseas.



A. Basic Requirements
The following are the basic requirements for the POLO Services:

  1. Valid Passport (with at least 6 months validity)
  2. Work Permit/Work Visa/ Identification Card/Residence Permit.
Processing Fees
Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) OWWA CHF 2.10
Membership CHF25.00
Verification fee CHF10.00



B. How to secure an OEC thru the BM Online Processing System

  1. The OEC serves as a travel exit clearance/pass, as well as exemption from payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee. It is secured through the BM online processing system (, required of all vacationing OFWs, whether new hires or balik-manggagawa (BM)/workers-on-leave, prior to the departure to their jobsites.
  2. A Returning/Vacationing Worker who wishes to obtain an OEC, shall register through the BM Online Processing System prior to his/her scheduled date of return to employer.
  3. The worker has to fill-in his/her personal and employment particulars. For new users, register in the system using a personal email account and click the Sign me up button; open email account to click the confirmation link and activate the account.
    • The information provided will be electronically transmitted to the Bureau of Immigration (Bl) to serve as reference of the Immigration Officer in validating the exemption of the BM worker at the time of his/her departure from the Philippines.
  4. An instructional video is also included in the web site to guide first time users. (See BM Online Instructional Video)
  5. BM workers who meet the following conditions may be exempted from securing OEC, as determined by the system:
    • Those who are returning to the same employer and jobsite;
    • Those who have previously registered through the BM Online; and
    • Those hired through the Government Placement Branch, if they fall under the above categories
  6. Workers who are not exempted from the OEC requirement shall be redirected to the BM Online Appointment page to avail themselves of the Appointment Service for regular processing of their OECs on their preferred date and time at the POLO or at any POEA processing sites within the Philippines.
  7. The documentary requirements to be submitted to the POLO are:
    • Passport with at least six (6) months validity from the date of intended departure; and
    • Valid and appropriate work permit/visa or valid proof of existing employment such as payroll slip/valid company identification card/existing employment contract.

The OEC is valid for sixty (60) days from date of issuance and the processing fee is CHF2.10.


C. How to apply for/renew OWWA Membership

  1. OFWs who register and become OWWA members are entitled to social, education and training benefits, workers assistance and on-site services, social services and family welfare assistance.
  2. For OFWs who wish to apply for/renew his/her membership with the OWWA’s On-Site Membership Program (OSMP), the following documentary requirements shall be submitted:
    • Duly accomplished OWWA OSMP Information Sheet;
    • Proof of employment such as work permit/visa, carte legitimacion, signed employment contract/offer, pay slip, company identification card, Application for Philippine Insurance (see AFPI) with employer’s signature or other relevant evidence of employment; and
    • Copy of passport showing photo and personal data.
  3. Eligible for membership enrolment/renewal under the OWWA OSMP are:
    • OFWs of legal age, who enroll as first-time members, provided they are gainfully employed overseas at the time of registration;
    • OFWs whose OWWA membership had expired;
    • OFWs who have acquired regular/permanent residency status in the foreign country of work, but who have remained Filipino citizens; and,
    • OFWs who left the country without proper documentation as OFW from the POEA and who have obtained gainful employment in the destination country.
  4. A membership fee of CHF25.00 is to be paid in cash and an Official Receipt will be issued by the POLO.
  5. The membership shall be active for two (2) years upon payment of fee and subject for renewal after said period.



D. How to hire a Filipino Worker – Verification of Employment Documents

  1. Verification as a primary function of the POLO, refers to the procedure being conducted or applied by the Labor Attaché to ensure that all the employment rights, benefits and welfare of OFWs at the worksite are duly protected.
  2. An Employer desiring to hire workers for household/technical/professional skills from the Philippines would need to submit the following documents to the POLO for review and/or approval:
    • Original Employment Contract (see Philippine Standard Employment Contract)
      • Must reflect the minimum employment terms under the Swiss and Philippine laws. If employer uses its own contract, repatriation (par. 12) and termination (par. 14) clauses of Philippine contract must be included.
      • Must be in English and duly signed on all pages by the employer/sponsor (preferably in blue ink
    • Copy of Commercial registration/business license of employer (if industry/establishment)
    • Copy of Passport of employer/authorized representative (data page) who is the signatory to the contract
    • Copy of National/Residence ID/Legitimation Card of employer/authorized representative
    • Copy of Passport of Employee
    • Copy of Visa (if available) or Visa approval of Employee
    • Self-addressed and stamped envelope, if application is sent by mail
  3. OPTIONAL: The employer may wish to send by email scanned copies of the requested documents at or for initial evaluation. The POLO would notify the employer if the documents are complete and in order.
  4. The employer shall submit the documents in person or by regular/registered mail to the following address:

    Office of the Labor Attaché

    Philippine Mission to the United Nations

    47 Avenue Blanc, 1202 Geneva

    Tel: (4122) 7387513


  1. The Verification fee is CHF 10.00. Payment must be made in cash and an official receipt will be issued.
  2. Verification of document(s) by the POLO takes at least 1-2 days from the receipt of documents, if complete and in order.
  3. After verification, contracts should be authenticated by the Consular Office in Geneva,; Authentication fee is CHF25.00.